Referral Program  -  Give a deal, Get a deal!

Our referral program allows you to earn discount codes by recommending our store to your friends.

Refer your friends to our store, and they will receive a discount code for 5% off their first purchase over £60 when they register using your unique referral link. After your friend's purchase using the promotional discount voucher, you will automatically receive a £3 discount code in your account, ready for you to use towards any future purchase. 

In order to receive your £3 voucher, your friend must register by using your unique referral link -OR- manually type in your 8 digit referral code during registration.

Your friend will receive a 5% of their purchase over £60, just for registering with your referral code! 

Once your friend's first order using the promotional discount code is confirmed, you will automatically receive a £3 discount voucher.

Referral information panel

Under the user panel of our website, you will now see a new section: Referral Program. Here you can find information regarding the friends who have registered and saved on our site, thanks to you!

This panel has several sections:

- Home: Here you will find a few statistics about your friends' orders and the total number of friends you have referred.

- Refer a friend: This is where you will find the shareable referral code and link for your friends to use when registering on our website.

- Referred friends list: Once a friend registers using your referral code, they will appear on this list.

Types of discount codes received:

- KIENDASHOPB_: Welcome coupon that your friend receives when registering on our website, worth 5% off a purchase over £60.

- KIENDASHOPC_: Reward coupon you receive when your friend makes a purchase of more than £60 using the welcome coupon.