What is Kienda?

Kienda is an independently-run, England-based, online tabletop games retailer. We started this venture back in 2020, with a passionate team wanting to set up a board game shop that specialises in offering top-tier quality games and customer service. Our team members have more than 8 years of experience in board game retailing and online selling. Together, we want to apply that expertise and know-how to help Kienda become one of your favourite places to purchase board games online.

Our Mission

Our aim is for Kienda to offer an overall premium shopping experience by offering seasonal promos, competitive prices, quick deliveries, and exceptional customer service. We want to continue to expand Kienda so that it can provide our customers with one of the broadest catalogues in the industry; stocking everything from popular new releases, to rare or hard-to-find games, and even imported titles from overseas.

We are always actively making steps towards providing you with an amazing shopping experience…

Hard to Find Games

In our effort to have one of the most complete catalogues out there, we always try to stock all the titles from each of the major publishers, including the more rare or not so popular ones. We also work with many distributors, to make sure that we have access to games that would otherwise be very difficult to get in the UK.

Filter engine

The filter engine on the left-hand side of the site is both simple and intuitive to use. Narrowing down a game to interest you is a quick and easy process.

Premium packaging

Our boxes are incredibly durable and provide excellent protection for your games. We only use recycled packaging to fill the voids, so the games are not as prone to shifting and damage during transit.

Next day shipping

We believe you shouldn’t have to wait to play your games, so not only do we offer next day shipping/delivery, it's also free for orders over £30.

Our Promos

We offer a wide range of promos and deals to our customers. And they are all stackable, so make sure to make the most out of them if possible!

The Loyalty Scheme

Within our first year, we were able to begin implementing a Loyalty Points System to reward our repeat customers with even better deals on their favourite games. For every purchase you make with us, a 5% of what you spend is added to your account as Loyalty Points, that you can later redeem to get a voucher of the same value. No strange conversion ratios, no minimum quantities. Simple and transparent for you.

The Refer A Friend Scheme

We also started our Refer-A-Friend Program, so that our new customers could also take advantage of discounts towards their purchases. Refer your friends to our store using your unique link or code, and they will receive a discount code for 5% off their first purchase over £60 when they register using it. After your friend's purchase using the promotional discount voucher, you will automatically receive a £3 discount code in your account, ready for you to use towards any future purchase. Give a deal, Get a deal!

Buy More, Save More

Orders of £80+ will get an extra 1% off. And for every extra £30 you add to the order, you get an extra 1%, up to a 5% off for orders over £200. This is automatically done during checkout, no need to add any codes or to redeem anything. Easy and simple.

Weekly Deals

On top of all of that, we have a new section called “Weekly Deals”. Each Tuesday, we choose a theme, and we add an extra 5% discount to a selection of games that follow it. You can leave your suggestions for next week themes on our social media too! Speaking of which…

Stay in touch!

Social Media

Be sure to follow us on our social media! We post every day to let you know about what’s new in stock, and highlight a different game each day of the week (Last played games, hidden gems, classics…). We also run promos, giveaways, and more!

Beyond the virtual world

We have formed relationships with both local and online tabletop game companies and board game reviewers/enthusiasts. This helps us stay up-to-date on all things board game, and helps us to connect with our customers and learn more about what you hope to receive from us. Currently, we are working on attending local board game events – so look out for Kienda, maybe we will be able to see some of you in person soon!

If you would like to know more about our company, please feel free to email us at info@kienda.co.uk.