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Carcassonne: 20th Anniversary Edition

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Celebrate 20 years of Carcassonne with this special edition of the classic tile-placement game featuring upgraded visuals and enhanced gameplay.

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The classic game inspired by the medieval fortress found in Southern France returns for its 20th anniversary with a new look, enhanced visuals, and a few new gameplay experiences. The Carcassonne 20th Anniversary Edition comes with the base game, but upgraded with a high gloss, UV spot print on all the tiles and the box to truly make the details shine, while the tiles themselves are upgraded with brand new illustrations and decorated with characters.

Fans of Carcassonne will have no trouble diving right into this updated version, since this 20th Anniversary Edition comes with the complete base game, and is compatible with all Carcassonne expansions. This edition brings 20 new tiles, including more river tiles, abbots, and meeple stickers to personalize your meeple. Longtime fans of Carcassonne would also do well to keep a sharp eye out for any fun easter eggs within these newly decorated pieces.


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Minimum players
Maximum players
Average game length
40 min
Minimum age
Easy Transport
Difficulty level
Area Majority / Influence
Map Addition
Tile Placement
City Building
Territory Building

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