Paperback: Unabridged

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A modular expansion for Paperback that adds 80 new cards, new abilities, typos, and 16 new covers.


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A modular expansion for Paperback that adds 80 new cards, new abilities, typos, and 16 new covers.

Lowercase Letter Cards We're introducing a whole new type of victory card. They're letter cards, not wilds, and they provide ¢ when played... and provide Fame depending on how many cards with the same letter you purchase throughout the game.

New Starting Wilds Wild cards with a twist - they can be used as any letter, but if you use them as a specific vowel, they trigger abilities to enhance your strategy.

New Common Cards Spice up the words you spell with the harder-to-use vowels U and Y.

New Fame Cards 12 all new Fame cards (with new values) - each with brand new art from Ryan Goldsberry!

Asterisk Cards New and easier way to get wilds into your deck, without sacrificing ¢ down the road.

Typos Be careful not to write too quickly or you might end up hitting the wrong key. These cards will eat up your victory cards if you don't get rid of them.

3-Letter Cards A card with 3 letters on it? They can often be harder to use, but help you spell even longer words.

Dumpster Dive Recycle old letters from the trash pile, whether played by you or another player.

Conditional Word Cards Further capturing the Scrabble-like feel that Paperback provides, we have new conditions to be met in order to receive a bonus - for example, be the second letter in a word, words with repeating letters, words that start with a vowel, words with no wild cards, and more!

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