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Make a pretty penny as the owner of a world-class museum in this new edition of the classic high-stakes art auction game! Buy and sell masterpieces while demand fluctuates and earn the most money to win.

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Buying and selling paintings can be a very lucrative business. Five different artists have produced a bunch of paintings, and it's the player's task to be both the buyer and the seller, hopefully making a profit in both roles. He does this by putting a painting from his hand up for auction each turn. He gets the money if some other player buys it, but must pay the bank if he buys it for himself. After each round, paintings are valued by the number of paintings of that type that were sold. The broker with the most cash after four rounds is the winner.

CMON Limited

Data sheet

Minimum players
Maximum players
Average game length
45 min
Minimum age
Easy Transport
Difficulty level
Auction: English
Auction: Once Around
Auction: Sealed Bid
Auction: Turn Order Until Pass
Commodity Speculation
Hand Management
Victory Points as a Resource
Card Game

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