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Forcemaster Vs Warlord - Mage Wars: Arena

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For too long the orcs and goblins of the Bloodwave have languished to the northwest of Westlock. But now, a Warlord has risen to unite their soldiers, and take the riches of the Heartlands. As the horns of war sound, new heroes have risen to lend their magic to the fight. The mysterious Forcemaster has come to lend her aid against the marching hordes, unveiling previously unknown Mind magics to control the minds and bodies of the attackers!


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Mage Wars Arena pits powerful Mages against each other in deadly arena combat. Each Mage uses his own fully-customizable book of spells to achieve total victory over his opponent. In this expansion, play as the Forcemaster, a master of telekinesis and Mind magic. Or enter the fray as the Warlord, supreme commander of soldiers and War magic.

The Forcemaster can push enemies aside with a glance, or hold and crush them with invisible force. She manipulates the minds of enemy forces, rendering their creature’s harmless or turning them against their master!

Or play as the fearsome Warlord, a commander of troops and a master of battle tactics. His ranks are augmented by massive war machines, fearless legendary heroes, and a colossal Earth Elemental! He calls upon the power of Akiro, God of War to give his soldiers favor in battle.


  • 2 New Mages: Forcemaster and Warlord
  • 2 Mage Spellbooks
  • 2 Mage Cards & 2 Ability Cards
  • 248 Spell Cards
  • 31 Markers with new conditions!
  • Rules and Codex

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Minimum players
Average game length
90 min
Minimum age
Easy Transport
Difficulty level
Area Majority / Influence
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Simultaneous Action Selection
Variable Player Powers
Card Game

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